3rd Symphonic Band A - Bennett

3rd Symphonic Band A - Bennett

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Welcome to the SFHS Band Class! I hope that you’re looking forward to learning a lot about music and exploring how much fun making music can be. During the course we will, (1) Perform & use the body, voice & instruments as a means of musical expression, (2) Create by improvising & composing music, (3) Listen/Analyze/Evaluate by expanding music listening skills & music vocabulary, (4) Discover meaning by connecting music to personal growth, the joy of living, traditions, culture & history. 


  1. Assignments and quizzes.

         - Students have five school days to re-do an assignment for a better grade.

Concert Participation will be worth 100 points & are tentatively scheduled for:                               

  •  Veteran's Day Concert – Tues., November. 10th, 2020
  •  Christmas Concert – Wed., December 16, 2020
  • Dinner Concert – Thurs., March 4th, 2021
  • Festival Concert - Tues., April 27th ,2021

Other Music Events in District VI music:

  • Choral Workshop- Monday, November 2nd
  • Honor Band- Tuesday January 5th
  • Idaho All State February 3rd through 6th
  • NAfME All Northwest February 11th through 14th
  • Solo and Small Ensemble Festival March 8th at SFHS
  • Jazz Festival for JH and HS Jazz band April 7th at Teton High School
  • Choir Festival April 21st at Sugar City High School
  • High School Band Festival April 28th at SFHS
  • JH band Festival May 6th at Sugar City High School

Pep Band Schedule for 2020-2021 (Basketball is not required for a grade but points toward letter and state basketball trips-Football is required)

  • September 11th Football vs Aberdeen
  • September 18th Football vs Firth
  • October 16th Football vs Sugar
  • October 23rd Football vs Teton
  • November 18th GBB vs Ririe
  • December 1st GBB vs West Jefferson
  • December 4th BBB vs Fruitland
  • December 15th BBB vs Firth
  • December 17th GBB vs Marsh Valley
  • January 5th GBB vs Firth
  • January 7th BBB vs Ririe
  • January 13th GBB vs Sugar
  • January 21st BBB vs American Falls
  • January 27th GBB vs Teton
  • January 28th BBB vs Sugar
  • February 12th BBB vs Teton


Participation in class.

Students can earn up to 4 points per week for:

  1. Being on time to class. (A tardy deducts 1 pts. Each Day)
  2. Being prepared for class; Instrument oiled and ready, Music in hand.
  3. Displaying proper behavior and obeying rules/procedures.
  4. Displaying a cooperative attitude.
  5. Participating in class activities. 
  6. "Sign the Book" results in loss of points. Excessive talking, Chewing Gum, disrespecting others will result in "Sign the Book"                                                                   


Late Work

All work is due on the assigned due date. If work is turned in late, a 10% grade dock will be given on that assignment. Five school days are allowed to make up an assignment under reasonable circumstances. After that, it will be considered a “dead” assignment. You are responsible to pick up your own missing assignments or late work

Extra Credit Ideas (25 points each)

  • Write a report on your favorite musical group. (2-3 pages, typed)
  • Recruit another student into the class.
  • Listen to a jazz, classical or vocal music for at least one hour. You can find music on Pandora, Apple Music, Youtube, Amazon Music, or many other apps. Turn in a list of the music you heard, as well as some of the instruments that you could pick out. Also include on what medium you heard the music. (Ex: FM radio 88.3, title of the CD and musical group)
  • Take private voice or instrumental lessons for the quarter. (Requires teacher’s approval. 50 points will be given rather than 25)
  • Your choice. Must be approved in advance by Mr Bennett or Mrs E.

Class Room Rules

  1. Don’t interrupt teaching or learning.
  2. Be prepared. (Pencil, notebook for class notes, assignments, etc.)
  3. Show respect. SOCIAL DISTANCE!
  4. NO food, candy, or gum.
  5. Follow instructions promptly.
  7. Failure to do so will result in "Sign the Book"

Consequences of Misbehavior

  1. Grade drop &/or discuss problem with teacher.
  2. Phone call or note to parent.
  3. Loss of privilege to play with large ensemble.
  4. Referral to office.


If your name is left by a substitute for improper conduct, you will receive a 4-point participation grade dock. That is one entire week of participation points.  Extra credit is given to students whose names are left for a positive reason.

Restricted Areas

Unless otherwise stated, the office, storage, computers and unsupervised areas of the room are off limits.   Any infraction will receive a 4-point grade dock, losing all participation points for the week.  Handling other students instruments or music will result in the same loss of points.

Music and Instruments

The rule of thumb is “You break it or damage it, you buy it”. Please take good care of the music and instruments that you use. Mark music only with a pencil.

I look forward to working with your student and I know that this can be a successful semester if we work together. I welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.   Your child’s grade is available at any time through the Canvas web site. Please feel free to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Bennett


Course Summary:

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